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Our Services

At Through Liberty Counseling, we are dedicated to providing a holistic approach to mental health and wellness. We believe in supporting an individual in all aspects of wellness. Click on a service listed below for more information. 


Experienced Therapists

Our team of experienced therapists provide individual and group therapy sessions. We specialize in various evidence-based approaches including DBT, CBT, IFS, CPT, and human-centered therapy. Our therapists are dedicated to helping you overcome challenges and achieve mental well-being.


NADA Protocol

We offer EAR Acupuncture using the NADA protocol. This holistic approach has been proven effective in reducing anxiety, stress, and promoting relaxation. Our skilled practitioners will ensure a safe and comfortable experience for you.


Stay Informed

Join our monthly webinars where our experts share valuable insights and information on mental health topics. Stay informed about the latest research, techniques, and strategies to improve your mental well-being. Don't miss out on this opportunity to expand your knowledge.


LADC Services

Through Liberty Counseling is able to provide high-quality and quickly scheduled LADC services. Services may include LADC evaluations (Court-ordered, etc), LADC counseling, or other support needed from an addictions professional. Reach out for a review and discussion around your needs. 

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